Our Gins

Our gins are inspired by Hong Kong, and in their distillation, our aim is to capture the essence of this vibrant metropolis. Distilled from a unique blend of Chinese botanicals, never previously used together, the taste of our gins truly reflects the flavours of Hong Kong and evokes the sights and sounds of this bustling City, a fascinating melting pot of old, new, East and West. We combine state of the art distillation with the finest Chinese traditions and we hope that when you sip our gins you will get a real sense of Hong Kong and be intrigued to visit this Pearl of the Orient.

Red-Fragrant Harbour

Fragrant Harbour Gin

(Not available in Hong Kong)


Fragrant Harbour is a complex gin that can be sipped over ice but feels equally at home in a gin & tonic or a cocktail.

PURE – served straight up, chilled

Botanicals such as Sichuan peppercorns, pu-erh tea and aged dried tangerine peel impart tannins to the gin and, like a fine wine, a little contact with air adds complexity and weight.
Nose: Delicate notes of ripe citrus, fragrant jasmine and hints of mace entwine with juniper to give a rich spiciness. Piquancy from the Sichuan pepper adds extra textural complexity.
Palate: An initial spike of cracked pepper from the Sichuan and waxy citrus from the kumquat peel combine to give lovely weight and richness. The mid-palate shows a citric ripeness from the intermingling of three types of citruses – lemon, kumquat and aged tangerine peel; and leads to an impressively long finish where hints of jasmine flower, pu-erh tea and tangerine peel are beautifully interlaced.

With tonic, ice & lemon

Served with tonic, a little ice (1 part gin and three parts tonic) and a garnish of lemon.
Nose: The gin takes on a unique character when mixed with tonic. It starts with a distinct dryness, then delicate spiciness starts to shine through, in particular, fresh ginger notes mixed with freshly cracked pepper.
Palate: A wonderfully refreshing blend of rich yet tart yuzu, gentle ticklings of jasmine and a waxiness which must be from the aged peel. This leads into a husky, peppery mid-palate which gives a gentle coating of tannic grip. The more fragrant botanicals unfurl themselves as the finish progresses with a perfumed intricacy providing a truly Oriental taste experience.


Hong Kong Gin

Only available in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Gin is the exclusive bottling of Fragrant Harbour Gin, dedicated to and only available in Hong Kong. This edition of Fragrant Harbour Gin is not merely a name change but is bottled at a higher ABV of 43.8% versus the normal 43% in the original gin. The slightly higher ABV further accentuates the botanicals within the gin, resulting in more pronounced aromatics on the nose but also giving it a touch more weight and waxiness on the palate. This exclusive bottling makes a perfect martini, ideally sipped as you look out onto the harbour that inspired its name.